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If you’re planning to offer your home for sale in North Carolina, you’ll want to make sure that you know what your home is really worth.

Every Home is Different

People used to remodel their homes fairly infrequently. Now, regular updates to kitchens, bathrooms, and landscapes are commonplace. If you’ve made significant home improvements, but the house that sold down the street a month ago hasn’t been updated in 20 years, you’re not going to want to set your home’s value based on its selling price.

You Need Help From a Knowledgeable Expert

You can certainly look online at listing services that provide home estimates. But, don’t rely on those. You may either end up being disappointed with your home’s actual value, or offering it for quite a bit less than it is really worth.    It’s best to rely on your local real estate experts to assist with pricing your home! Get advice from your Local Real Estate Broker.

Once You Know, You Need a Strategy

After we’ve worked together to determine the true value of your home, we can develop a strategy to help you meet your goals. Is your top priority to get the highest possible price for your home, even if it takes a little longer to sell, or means that we have to do a little extra staging or prep work? Or, do you need to sell very fast at a price that meets a minimum requirement? Whatever your goals, we can help you meet them.



by SBsolar on Blank Business Name
Carrie and Sheila work as a seamless team.

Carrie and Sheila work as a seamless team. Our primary...

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Carrie was fantastic throughout the entire process

I was a first-time home buyer and Carrie was fantastic...

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